Dead Rising 4 Rumored to be Revealed During E3 2016

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It appears that we might be hearing an announcement for Dead Rising 4 from Capcom sometime next week during E3. I say this because images that have been found by Kotaku show off not only a promotional picture for the game but also a couple of blurry images that appear to show a camera man that looks like a more rugged Frank West. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier said “Although we’ve grown not to put much faith in blurry off-screen photos, I recently saw another shot of that same poster from a different source, which helps corroborate the leak.”


According to the leak, Dead Rising 4 will be set in Willamette, Colorado like the very first game and “may be a remake of some sort.” If it is announced it will likely be announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference as the third game in the series was exclusive to the Xbox One and PC.



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