Trapped in another Dimension: Beautiful puzzle game Warp Shift out now on the App Store

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Trapped in another Dimension: Beautiful puzzle game Warp Shift out now on the App Store

As of today, Deep Silver FISHLABS’ and ISBIT Games’ relaxing yet challenging puzzle game Warp Shift, which centers on the young girl Pi’s adventures in a parallel universe, is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a premium app. An Android version follows soon.

Hamburg, Germany – May 26, 2016
– Hamburg-based publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and Stockholm-based developer ISBIT Games celebrate the release of Warp Shift on the Apple App Store. With beautiful visuals and unique gameplay, the app adds a refreshing twist to puzzle gaming on mobile. Due to the absence of timers and countdowns, playing Warp Shift is both relaxing and absorbing. For the fixed price of USD 2.99 / EUR 2.99 / GBP 2.29, the game allows its players to embark on an audio-visual journey that stimulates the senses and challenges the mind.

Warp Shift on the App Store:
Official Story Trailer:

The premise of Warp Shift follows a little girl called Pi, who is drawn into the interior of a magical construct, in which time and space no longer exist. She needs to be brave, determined and forward-thinking to break out of her prison and return back home. The players support Pi in this undertaking by reshaping the world around her on their fingertips – opening passages, creating shortcuts and removing obstacles that block the heroine’s way.

Warp Shift’s fabulous features:

  • A work of art: Enjoy a mesmerizing game that stimulates your eyes, ears and brains
    • Help Pi to get out: Traverse maze-like environments that change at your fingertip
    • A unique kind of puzzler: Alter your surroundings to open new paths and opportunities
    • From one realm to another: Explore 5 unique worlds with 15 levels each
    • Ease of access: Reach your destination via taps and swipes
    • No stress or hurry: Play to relax, escape and clear your mind

Warp Shift is available for download on the Apple App Store for USD 2.99 / EUR 2.99 / GBP 2.29. The game will be released on the Google Play Store in the near future.

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