Sekai Project Reveals Sena-chan as Company Mascot

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While many game companies tend to focus on simply having a company logo, a few go as far as having their own company mascot. This is especially true in Japan and while a certain other visual novel publisher has their own mascot, Sekai Project has only been known through a simple logo and for their signature PC titles.


Well that has changed recently as Sekai Project has announced that they now have a company mascot of their very own. Initially shown off through as un-explained promotional material, the company has revealed that the girl, shown above, is now the company’s mascot going forward. Sena Aozora, or simply Sena-chan, has been created by zpolice and Chris Ling, the co-founder and head of licensing at Sekai Project, had the following to say about their mascot and why she was created:

Before the plans to make a mascot character were under way, there had been a lot of internal discussion about what Sekai Project would do to celebrate the company’s third anniversary. There was a strong interest in doing more to promote our brand and what better way than to create a company mascot.

I wanted something that really represented Sekai Project and the idea of a tour guide seemed to click. In my many travels through Japan I would see uniformed tour guides, with a little flag in their hand, taking groups of tourists around, and the idea of someone guiding fans into the world of games, visual novels, and beyond just took off.

As Sekai Project continues to grow, it is hoped that Sena-chan will help guide fans to the wonderful titles and products we release, and at the same time we hope that her warm, friendly smile will become widely popular with everyone. We already have plans in place to utilize her more in upcoming promotional materials, so definitely look forward to seeing more of Sena Aozora very soon.”


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