Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Introduces Velvet with New English Character Trailer

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Atlus USA has continued their series of English character introduction videos for Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir by releasing the third video focusing on Velvet, the princess of the destroyed kingdom of Valentine. Velvet is a has a major role to play in the game’s events. She is the granddaughter of the mad King Valentine, princess of the destroyed kingdom Valentine, twin sister of Ingway, Demon Lord Odin’s first born, daughter of Princess Ariel, the older half-sister of Gwendolyn, and lover of the Pooka Prince, Cornelius.

Velvet has a deep-seated fear of her now-dead, abusive grandfather and hates her father, but, in spite of that, is a kind and determined person who would do anything for her loved ones, like Cornelius and Ingway. After the destruction of Valentine, Velvet flees to the Elrit Forest where she is on a quest to stop Armageddon. Unfortunately for her, the kingdoms in Erion are at war with each other, so it goes without saying that Velvet will have a date with destiny on her mission to save the world.

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