Melsoft and Wargaming Team Up to Launch a Coffee Empire

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Melsoft and Wargaming Team Up to Launch a Coffee Empire

My Café: Recipes & Stories is now live globally, inviting players to blend coffee with gossip

May 30, 2016 — Melsoft is happy to announce the global release of its new title: the free-to-play restaurant simulator My Café: Recipes & Stories. Published in cooperation with Melsoft’s strategic mobile partner Wargaming, the game amassed over 700,000 installs with a 30-day retention of 32%, and is now available globally on iOS and Android.

“My Café: Recipes & Stories entered soft launch in 2015 at quite an early stage,” said Andrey Yarantsau, Business Development Director at Melsoft. “We have still been enhancing the game off player feedback for around a year, and we’re truly grateful to all of them for the ideas they brought to the table. Together we’ve created a fun and engaging mobile game that can keep you entertained.”

The latest installment in Melsoft’s portfolio brings a nice twist to the popular business simulation genre, adding a shot of storytelling to immerse players in the exciting lives of café clientele. The game isn’t only about customizing your store with tons of equipment and furniture to get it just right. In My Café: Recipes & Stories, the cappuccinos may be hot but the drama is set to boil over.

As you level up, you’ll discover the interesting and sometimes secretive lives of dozens of diverse characters who frequent your café. Combined with a rich blend of customization options and quirky customers are competitive social features to keep track of your friends’ progress.

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