Future Trunks Returns in New Dragon Ball Super Arc

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When Dragon Ball Super was first announced no one knew how long it would be running for but now we have some confirmation the anime will be here to stay for quite a while longer with Toei announcing the Future Trunks arc. Toriyama teased in a recent interview that a “popular character from the future” would be making an appearance and looks like our guess of Trunks was correct.

The official statement from the Dragon Ball Super Twitter page states that the future should be at peace after Trunks defeated Cell, however a strong new enemy has appeared that Trunks can’t take on alone. This causes him to jump back in the time machine and visit the past (the main timeline we all know) in hope of enlisting help from Goku and the others.


Toriyama released two new illustrations of what the now older Trunks will look like in this new arc and also had some comments of his own to add that expand on the plot synopsis. Like with the entirety of Super, Toriyama has provided a plot outline but then leaves it up to the script writers to break that down into episodes and expand on his story from there.

Toriyama states the foe that has forced him to return to the past is ‘Black Goku’. He leaves up in the air what this means so we don’t know if he means this Goku will  be more of an evil incarnation or if it will be a Goku with dark skin or a Goku with a shadow appearance. He does give the hint that you can probably guess what type of guy he is from his name but that still doesn’t help much.


He then continues to write that this is only the start of a battle that will surpass time and space which will include God of Destruction, Kai and even the newly introduced Omni-King, the king of everything including the 12 universes. Due to Japanese translation and how the language does plurals, it is unclear if the above titles refer to multiple Gods of Destruction or just one (most likely Beerus), so we’re left guessing on that too but with Omni-King teasing a tournament between all 12 universes in recent episodes I am leaning towards the former.

So in conclusion Future Trunks is back with a new design, Evil Goku could be happening and a massive battle will be taking place most likely involving multiple Kais, Gods of Destruction and the Omni-King himself. This is going to be a wild ride! The new arc will start airing in Japan on June 12th. Until then, the remaining episodes appear to be more light hearted in nature, involving antics with baby Pan, Goten and young Trunks.


Are you excited to see Trunks return? Personally I love the sound of this arc, I’m really hoping Trunks mentions something about Buu as I always wondered if he ever appeared in that timeline. Trunks has appeared in many games now as a member of the Time Patrol, so it will be interesting to see if they tie that in at all. Some keen eyed fans have spotted the collar on Trunks newly designed green sweater matches that of his Time Patrol outfit, but it’s too early to say if that’s just coincidence. Keep checking back with Capsule Computers for all the latest Dragon Ball news and expect our review of theUniverse 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament Arc of Dragon Ball Super in the coming days.

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