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I just noticed even the title of this movie is wrong, Dragon Ball is two separate words! While it may be seven years too late, writer Ben Ramsey has issued an apology to fans of the series, admitting he “dropped the Dragon Ball” on Dragonball Evolution, the popular anime series only live action adaptation which is loathed by fans for its many inaccuracies and for being a very poor movie in general (currently sitting at 14% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Even the original series creator Akira Toriyama has lashed out at the movie in a few interviews. Funnily enough the movie could be seen as a blessing disguise as it very well may have inspired Toriyama to come back to his creation and make sure no one else was messing it up.


The full written apology, which was written in response to someone looking for an interview with Ramsey for a Dragon Ball fandom book, is available below.

I knew that it would eventually come down to this one day. Dragonball Evolution marked a very painful creative point in my life. To have something with my name on it as the writer be so globally reviled is gut wrenching. To receive hate mail from all over the world is heartbreaking. I spent so many years trying to deflect the blame, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the written word on page and I take full responsibility for what was such a disappointment to so many fans. I did the best I could, but at the end of the day, I ‘dropped the dragon ball.’

I went into the project chasing after a big payday, not as a fan of the franchise but as a businessman taking on an assignment. I have learned that when you go into a creative endeavor without passion you come out with sub-optimal results, and sometimes flat out garbage. So I’m not blaming anyone for Dragonball but myself. As a fanboy of other series, I know what it’s like to have something you love and anticipate be so disappointing.

To all the Dragon Ball fans out there, I sincerely apologize.

I hope I can make it up to you by creating something really cool and entertaining that you will like and that is also something I am passionate about. That’s the only work I do now.



Ramsey has not penned a screenplay since the critically panned film. The apology may have come a little late and I’m sure most fans were over the movie by now anyway, but it’s nice of Ramsey to admit he messed up with the franchise and had the motivation of dollars rather than passion here… even if he does try to defend himself still by saying he did the best he could which I strongly doubt.


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