Street Fighter V March Update and Alex Impressions

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With the launch of the March update we have seen a bit more of what Street Fighter V has to offer. The minimal modes on offer have been expanded a bit with the Challenge Mode offering a better training system as each character has a set of specific moves to try out making it a great way to learn and earn some Fight Money. Speaking of Fight Money, although the purchasing of content through Zenny is still unavailable the shop has launched and for now players can use Fight Money to unlock story outfits, character colors, titles, and a bit more.

Unfortunately I must say that although the update has provided a few more options for online mode and a bit of single player content, Capcom has yet to fully implement any significant punishment for those who “rage quit” out of a fight that they are losing and this results in numerous bouts that are dropped simply because you may have had a good start since currently these types of players are almost encouraged to do this in order to keep their winning streaks alive.


Shortly after the March update Capcom also provided us with the first of, so far, six scheduled fighters in the form of Alex who is temporarily free to use. The various outfits that Alex comes with at launch are the standard one featuring red suspenders that we have seen in the promo material for the character as well as a story outfit featuring him wearing a t-shirt with Extraordinary written on it while wearing athletic shorts and a baseball cap on his head. As far as his story costume goes, players will find that he is dressed far more casually as he wears what appear to be sweat pants and a standard t-shirt into combat.

After taking the fighter into the slightly enhanced online modes, that now offer a rematch option in case you want to try your luck again against your last opponent (though good luck getting them to accept a rematch as nearly every time it never panned out), and a Battle Lounge that actually allows for spectating and larger lobbies, I’ve found that Alex is a nicely balanced addition to the roster who comes with his own mini-story and a fleshed out moveset that is a mix of street brawling and wrestling as he makes use of a number of special moves that come in the form of elbows and chops as well as power bomb style grabs.


As far as speed is concerned he is somewhere in the middle as he isn’t the fastest fighter but can hold his own with a number of strong combos that can be chained together with his aforementioned special moves. His V-Trigger skills overhaul allows for his next attack to deal a heavy amount of damage, though it appears that his warm up animation must finish before this bonus actually applies while his other skill Rage Skill allows him to unleash a powerful chargeable clothesline attack that is capable of breaking an opponent’s guard.

Of course finally we have his critical art that takes the form of a vicious chop that is transitioned into a crucifix drop impaling an opponent’s head into the ground. This makes him fairly impressive offer for fans of a certain Russian grappler’s move sets but want someone a bit more mobile and those who prefer that style of character will find Alex a suitable use of their Fight Money once they actually have to pay to play as him.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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