Nioh’s Alpha Demo Available Now, Unlocks Free DLC for Full Game

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Koei Tecmo has launched their Alpha Demo for the upcoming samurai action RPG Nioh. The interesting aspect of this demo is that while PlayStation 4 users can download it at will, the demo will only be available until May 5th and after that point not only will the demo be removed from the PlayStation Store but those who have downloaded it will no longer be able to run the demo. Those who do try out the demo for Nioh will be able to experience the dark setting and intense samurai combat of Nioh via access to two diverse stages.

Upon coming ashore a small island near the village of Usuki, in the first stage the player encounters the remains of a fishing village set aflame by a mysterious invasion. In the following stage, demonic beings from the Yokai realm run rampant in Dazaifu, which has controlled western regions since ancient times. Anyone who completes a stage of the demo will be given ‘The Mark of the Conqueror’ as free DLC for Nioh when the game launches sometime in the future.

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