Akira Toriyama Interview Hints at Dragon Ball Super Continuation

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Dragon Ball Super is currently in the middle of the ‘Champa Arc’ with the TV version being slightly ahead of the manga now, however we have no idea for exactly how long these two productions are scheduled to run for. With the first ten chapters of the manga being combined into a single volume for release, Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama and the author of the Manga who goes by Toyotaro produced a joint interview answering a few questions about the series and its future.

Thanks to Twitter user Herms we have a nice translation of that interview that holds some hints as to Super’s direction. In response to a question asking where the series is heading, Toyotaro replies that a certain future related character is going to be involved and Toriyama chimes in saying that it’s a popular character that the kids should love. This most likely pertains to the more adult version of Trunks from the future who has since made many appearances across video games thanks to his time travel antics.


A similar but separate answer to that same question also brought up that another Universe might be involved. Based on the translation the above information seems accurate, however it is possible the use of the word future may just be in regards to the general future of Dragon Ball Super. Either way it means more Super content is on the way and that a popular character will be involved!

With the ending of Battle of Gods revealing there are 12 unique Universes, the series really has unlimited potential to explore new worlds and characters. The interview also reveals more about how the Manga is put together. We know Toriyama only provided the rough plot for the series, however the more fleshed out details are being penned by both Toyotaro and the staff in charge of the animated version of Super back at Toei Animation, which helps explains the minute differences between the two.


Toriyama mentions at the end of the manga that he hopes Toyotaro will become more involved with the story writing process as the series continues, so perhaps the series will continue long after Toriyama stops wanting to produce content if he is happy for certain approved individuals to continue the legacy.

Another fun interview revelation explains that the blue Super Saiyan form (known officially as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or simply Super Saiyan Blue) is blue simply because Battle of Gods used red for the Super Saiyan God transformation. Toriyama was going to make the form have white hair, however this would colour clash with the ‘next enemy’ (giving more promise to another arc for the series with a new villain).


We also got some reconfirmation on things we have known about for a while. Gohan was meant to become the main character of the series during the Buu Saga and take over from his late father, however the more Toriyama drew the Orange Star High School episodes the more he realised Gohan prefers studying over fighting. Toriyama had also not created the villain Majin Buu while creating the slice of life Gohan material, only doing so when he felt it was time for a new villain to appear.

So with all that being said we look to be in for at least one more arc of Dragon Ball Super once this Universe 6 vs Universe Tournament is over with and hopefully many more! Let us know in the comments if you would like to see Trunks return and any other ideas you might have for the series.

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