Trillion: God of Destruction’s “Affection Point” System Shown Off in Latest Trailer

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Idea Factory International has released a new batch of images and a trailer for Trillion: God of Destruction and while the screenshots focus on showing off combat, the trailer focuses on “Affection Points.” You see, the time you spend interacting with the Overlords that are with you is essential to survival as Affection Points can act as a substitute for HP and MP in combat. This means that before an Overlord can be damaged, Trillion must work through their Affection Points first.

By raising your bonds with your Overlords through time, gift-giving, and various choices players will be able to help determine their fate and also what endings they may receive. Trillion: God of Destruction is currently set to be released for the PS Vita on March 29th in North America and on April 1st in Europe.

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