Trillion: God of Destruction Screens Introduce Ashmedia and Mammon

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Idea Factory International has doubled down on this set of character introduction screenshots for Trillion: God of Destruction as the company has decided to introduce two more Overlords that will join in the fight against Trillion. The first of which is Ashmedia who is the Overlord of Lust, and certainly lives up to it. She flirts and teases “little Zeabolos” to no end, but it’s hard to tell if she’s serious or not. She even takes this lust into battle – there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the death cry of an enemy caused by her floating spear-like weapons, appropriately named Incu and Succu. For her, the thought of taking down an enemy as big as Trillion would be the ultimate petite mort.


The second one is Mammon, the boisterous Overlord of Greed. Though she’s tasked to keep watch at the Gates of Hell with Perpell, she’s more often than not abandoned that post in order to seek out treasures in the Underworld – which may have been a saving grace when Trillion invaded. Now she turns her twin daggers to Trillion so she can become the Great Overlord and acquire all of the Underworld’s treasures.

Trillion: God of Destruction is currently set to be released on the PlayStation Vita on March 29th in North America and in Europe on April 1st.

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