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Software update adds additional items, modes and features, giving players even more opportunities for creativity in ‘block-buster’ game

10th March 2016 – A new software update to Super Mario Maker for the Wii U console has added additional items, modes, and features to the critically-acclaimed game, making it even more fun to create, share, and play levels from all around the world. You can check out the new trailer here.

One such new addition is the Key item from Super Mario World for the Super NES: when grabbed, it unlocks the new Key Door item, granting access to new parts of the level. Accessed by shaking the P Switch and Door items respectively, the Key and Key Doors can be used in conjunction in order to create challenging new levels. The Key can even be attached to enemies, forcing players to defeat them in order to retrieve the Key and move forward, meaning it’s now possible to create courses with mandatory boss battles.

When players shake a coin while creating a course, it will now change into a Pink Coin, and if all of these are collected in a course, a Key will appear. By combining the Key, Key Door and Pink Coins, players can expand their imagination and create unique puzzle-solving levels.

A new Spike Pillar obstacle will also be added to the game. Originally featured in Super Mario World, this huge, foreboding column comes slamming down from where it’s placed, and appears in a course by shaking the Thwomp item while creating a course.

Players looking for a serious challenge are in luck, as after downloading the free update, a new “Super Expert” difficulty will be added to the 100 Mario Challenge. This new difficulty pulls random courses that have been categorised as being “Super Expert” after their creation. By completing 100 Mario Challenge on this difficulty, five new Mystery Mushroom costumes can be won, as well as three new costume rewards from completing the mode on “Normal”, and four for finishing it on “Expert”.

The new additions aren’t just reserved for the game itself: the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website, which lets users sort and search for levels using a smart device or browser, will now display Super Mario Maker World Record players.

Recently, there have also been some new costumes added to the game, including the always smart and sometimes zany Professor E. Gadd from the Luigi’s Mansion games. Fans of Daisy can play through the Adventures in Sarasaland Event Course and also get the Daisy costume. Players should check Event Courses often for new levels to play.

Super Mario Maker has a staggering 6.2 million different user-created playable courses, which in turn have been played more than 400 million times as of 27th January. For more information about the game, visit To view these updates in action, watch the Super Mario Maker 9th March update trailer on YouTube.
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