Xbox Subdomain for Steam Seeing Active Development ahead of Microsoft Press Event

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Ahead of today’s Microsoft press event for Xbox One and Windows 10, some eagle eyed redditors have spotted some active development occurring on It is important to note that this subdomain has existed for several years. However, there is a possibility that today’s press event may hold some sort of partnership between Valve and Microsoft.

There is a variety of things this could mean. The most likely scenario is absolutely nothing, as Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that Quantum Break will be Windows 10 Store exclusive to allow for saves to be shared between Windows 10 and Xbox One. However, the possibility that a Steam app may be landing on Xbox One or Xbox logins could be linked to Steam soon is a popular scenario that many are holding out for. The Xbox login scenario is loaded with a lot of future possibilities, as it could mean this is the first step to interaction between Steam and Xbox One. A similar set up is available on PlayStation which allows for crossplay with games like Portal 2.

The Microsoft press event is set to begin soon, so this tale is about to meet its conclusion.

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  • Michael Glasscock

    I think what they need to do is make a deal between the two of them to bring Steam to the Xbox Two. Its a logical move. The Xbox two should be just like an Alienware Alpha offering both Xbox and PC games and who better to provide them then Steam.

    • That scenario would only benefit Valve and would be financial suicide for Microsoft, gifting revenue that Microsoft has a monopoly on (Xbox console game sales) and Valve has no door to. I can’t imagine Microsoft would be dumb enough to agree to that.

      • Michael Glasscock

        I disagree. If you have ever looked into the Alpha, it boots into a Console mode running the Alienware UI or desktop mode running Windows. If Xbox did something similar, it could be a Xbox mode or PC/ Steam big picture mode. The Xbox one is a great console however, hidden behind the limited UI hides a Windows core and the potential for a fully capable PC. It’s ashamed to lock that behind a limited UI. As Microsoft has learned, ARM style devices are good for the mobile world only. To make the Xbox two mimic something like the original Surface would be suicide. If the Xbox one already did something like I suggest, I would not have bought an Alpha myself. They are great for getting games that you cannot get on an Xbox and Playstation but I still prefer to play high end games on the Xbox One. It would be the best system ever if you can have it all on one.

        • “If Xbox did something similar, it could be a Xbox mode or PC/ Steam big picture mode”.
          This would literally only benefit Valve and would be financial suicide for Microsoft. Why would any company with a monopoly on game sales on their console spend resources so that games from a competing platform can be played on their console?

          • Michael Glasscock

            Your point is valid and I do understand. I still would love to see something like that from Xbox. They should have a PC mode running a full version of Windows 10. They would be able to sell from the Windows store on it. I believe that that should be the next evolution in console gaming. Not to mention that Playstation could not compete with something like that. They have no equivalent to Windows.

          • Universal Windows 10 Store apps are confirmed to be coming to Xbox One. It’s not yet clear if this would include Windows 10 Store games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, etc., but this would make a lot of sense for Microsoft. It would solve the “PS4 and PC have better graphics” conundrum for those who care about such things, while still allowing those gamers to easily be able to enjoy the game in the couch-and-TV setup that console gamers like. (People with gaming PCs and Xbox Ones who cared enough about pixels and resolution could just run the Windows 10 version on their Xbox One, that is). While bringing Steam to Xbox One makes no sense from Microsoft’s point of view (as those same gamers would then buy games on Steam instead of Xbox One or the Windows 10 Store), streaming Windows 10 Store games to Xbox One makes perfect sense.

            And, yes, I agree: Microsoft is in the unique positon that Sony and Valve are not in: they can unify PC and console (and smartphone, tablet, and HoloLens) gaming with cross-buy, cross-sync, cross-play, etc. My guess is that they discussed this at their press event yesterday and we’ll hear all about it on March 1 when the embargo is lifted.

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