FUNimation Is Attending Anime Matsuri This Weekend

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FUNimation Entertainment has announced its plans for the Anime Matsuri convention in Houston, Texas this weekend. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the convention. The panels will include:

  • FUNimation Favourites on Friday, February 26 from 7-8pm in Panel Room 5 (370A-F). In this panel, FUNimation looks at their favourite current and past anime titles.
  • FUNimation Peep Show (18+) on Friday, February 26 from 12-1am in Panel Room 3 (Grand Ballroom C). Hosts Herbie Housely and Cookie Stratford will be showing NSFW clips from series that FUNimation has licensed. Prizes will be given out during this panel. Attendees must bring their IDs in order to be able to get into the room.
  • FUNimation Industry Panel on Saturday, February 27 from 10-11am in Panel Room 1 (Grand Ballroom A). FUNimation will discuss the latest details and announcements. Prizes can be won be using the hashtag #FunimationPanel.

The Dealer’s Booth will be open from 11:30am-7pm on Friday, 9:30am-7pm on Saturday and 9:30am-4pm on Sunday. Every purchase made here will come with a collectible shopping bag and a FUNimation lanyard. FUNimation’s Lucky Pin Draw will be available at the booth, meaning that spending a certain amount of money will allow you to choose a pin. Spending $75 will get you 1 pin, $125 will get you 2 pins, $150 will get you 3 pins and $200 will get you 4 pins.

There will be a streaming theater adjacent to the FUNimation Booth showing FUNimation content throughout the weekend. Attendees should check their schedules for show times. Additionally, the English dub premiere for Rage of Bahamut: Genesis will take place at this convention.

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