Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing Announced for Oculus Rift

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Tastee Beverage Studios announced their debut racing game today. Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing will be a launch title for Oculus Rift, with both game and VR goggles being made available on March 28. The game will send players hurtling down the track at Mach 1 in ships armed to the teeth. The driving is arcade-style with a heavy focus on drifting through turns and using drafts to blast past other racers. Of course, if you can’t win with speed, you can always win with violence. Weapons are aimed with the eyes, forcing players to keep an eye on the track, the vehicle dashboard, and other racers all at once.


Bank Limit: ABR takes what we love about classic high-octane combat racers and blasts it into a future where you feel the thrilling vertigo of cresting a massivedrop, the kick of acceleration when you Boost and the heat of no-holds-barred battles,” said Harley Benedict, Co-Founder and Lead Programmer of Tastee Beverage Studios. “Designed specifically to take advantage of Oculus Rift hardware and the horsepower of advanced gaming PCs, Bank Limit: ABR will bring players blazing speed, furious combat and hard-hitting competition with a new level of VR intensity.”

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