Snail Reveals Behind-The-Scenes of Age of Wushu Dynasty in Developer’s Diary: Episode 1

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Snail Reveals Behind-The-Scenes of Age of Wushu Dynasty in Developer’s Diary: Episode 1

Los Angeles – January 11th, 2016 – Snail Games has released the first episode of a new series of Developer Diaries for Age of Wushu Dynasty to coincide with the global launch of the game. In this first video, members of the development team highlight the main features and take a peek at some behind the scenes footage of the game’s production. As a follow-up to the PC MMO, Age of Wushu, Age of Wushu Dynasty aims to capture the essence of the original, while at the same time optimizing the experience for mobile. Members of the community, art, and design teams elaborate on related design challenges involved throughout the video.

Jianghu Reloaded

The first episode – Jianghu Reloaded, includes an introduction to Age of Wushu Dynasty and gives players a general idea about certain design core design concepts, such as:

  • How the art team recreated the world of Jianghu from Age of Wushu
  • How the art team accommodated both oriental and western aesthetics in AoWD
  • How the development team bridged the gap between mobile and PC MMOs
  • How the development team used motion capture from real kung fu masters to create an authentic martial arts experience

Watch Age of Wushu Dynasty Developer’s Diary: Episode 1 at the following link:

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About Age of Wushu Dynasty

Age of Wushu Dynasty is the mobile follow-up to Snail’s hit PC-based martial arts sandbox MMO Age of Wushu. Set in a period of strife and intrigue during the Ming Dynasty of China, Age of Wushu Dynasty transports players to a world of martial arts and assassins. Combining fast-paced, skill-based action with a unique “class-less” player progression system, Age of Wushu Dynasty establishes an open world multiplayer martial arts adventure for mobile.

About Snail Games

Founded in 2000, Snail Game has been a pioneer in new online gaming experiences for over 15 years. With dozens of titles in over 60 countries, including Ministry of War, Bounty Bay Online, and flagship martial arts MMO Age of Wushu, Snail Games continues to push the frontier of gaming through game development, publishing and hardware.

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