Compile Heart and Idea Factory International Launch Countdown Website

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A teaser website with a bit of a twist has been launched by Compile Heart. The reason I say that there is a twist here is rather than simply showing the site being created by Compile Heart and their parent company Idea Factory, the site specifically shows Idea Factory International, the Western branch focused on localizing Idea Factory titles, primarily focusing on RPGs but delving into other genre as well.

This likely means that when the teaser website does go fully live, that the game will already be confirmed for localization but we will have to wait and see. As for the actual teaser website, it features a countdown that is currently sitting at a little over five days and asks players if they would help someone else, even if it meant sacrificing yourself.


By selecting Yes players will be prompted with a red silhouette of a girl with phrases ranging from simply saying “that’s interesting” to insulting threats about the sight of the user being hurtful and being killed. The teaser website can be found here and as for the full announcement, looks like we will find out next week.

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