Trillion: God of Destruction’s Characters and Story Introduced in New Trailer

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Back in October Idea Factory International announced that they were going to be bringing Trillion: God of Destruction over to the West in Spring 2016 for the PS Vita and now they have chosen to release the first English subtitled gameplay trailer that focuses on introducing the various characters as well as the basic storyline for the game while also showing off a little bit of gameplay.

In Trillion: God of Destruction players will play as Zeabolos, the Great Overlord, as he attempts to vanquish Trillion, a demon god of destruction with one trillion HP. In Zeabolos’s first battle with Trillion, he is mortally injured, yet is saved form the brink of death by a young necromancer named Faust. Given another chance, Zeabolos must train and forge strong bonds with the six Overlord candidates at his disposal in hopes of bringing an end to Trillion’s reign.

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