The List of Madman’s Anime Releases of December 2, 2015

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Madman Entertainment’s anime releases of December 2015 are now available across Australia. This list details each of those releases.

  • Ghost in the Shell Arise Part 2 on DVD and Blu-ray – on-disc extras include: “Inside the World of Ghost in the Shell” Part 1, “Logicoma Heart”, “Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Episode:[.jp]”, DVD and Blu-ray spots, “Memory of GR –Making of Arise–”, “Logicoma Root”, “border:less project”, “COLOR”, “FORESEEING 2027”, “WORKING HIGH”, “memory”, “Yuki Will Never Forget Kenji”, promotional videos, theatrical trailers, textless animation and the U.S. trailer.
  • Gurren Lagann Pierce the Heavens Collection on Blu-ray – this limited edition release includes a collector’s art book and all 27 episodes and both movies a collector’s art in deluxe collector’s packaging. On-disc extras include: “Parallel Works”, “Yoko goes to Gainax!”, Sanzigen 3D test video, animated storyboards, compilation episode ending, the broadcast version of episode 6 and the textless opening and ending animation.
  • Sailor Moon Part 1 on DVD (standard edition and limited edition) – on-disc extras include the textless opening and ending animation and behind the scenes footage from the recording of the English dub. A booklet is included in the limited edition release, and this release comes in a special slipcase.
  • So I Can’t Play H complete series on DVD (subtitled edition) – on-disc extras include: the Japanese promo and TV spots and the textless opening and ending animation.
  • Space Dandy season two on DVD and Blu-ray – on-disc extras include “Dead Guy in Space” Part 2 and commentary for episodes 19 and 26.
  • The Last: Naruto the Movie on DVD and Blu-ray – on-disc extras will include Japanese promotional videos and the Japanese trailers.
  • Tokyo Ghoul limited edition season one DVD and Blu-ray combo pack – on-disc extras commentary for episodes 4 and 12, “Kaneki in Black and White”, Japanese commercials and promotional videos, the preview collection, the textless opening and ending animation and the U.S. trailer. Physical bonuses include an art book, a fabric banner and post cards.

Two mass market releases of Sailor Moon are now out as well. These two volumes contain six episodes each and are available at Target, K-Mart and Big W stores across Australia.

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