Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle #92 Now Available

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It’s the last Every Monday Bundle of 2015 from Indie Gala and Capsule Computers. End the year right with six new indie games.

Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets – A couch multiplayer game that challenges players to constantly one-up their friends.

Galaxy Admirals – A turn based board game that pits two commanders against each other in a game that changes as the board rotates.


The Deer – A edu-tainment adventure about the Ice Age.

Samsa and the Knights of Light – Samsa dreams of being a hero, but too bad his reputation as a lazy demon is getting in the way.

Plastiland – A puzzle platformer with a hand-made plasticine art style.


This Book Is A Dungeon – A horrific piece of interactive fiction with some light RPG elements.

For the first 24 hours of the sale, the bundle is only $1.49, so grab your copy at Indie Gala today.

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