Final Gen 6 Pokemon Volcanion Officially Announced

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The final Pokemon of the most recent Pokemon generation has finally been officially unveiled by Nintendo despite being known about years earlier thanks to some sneaky data miners. Pokedex number 721, Volcanion is the first Fire/Water Pokemon and like many Pokemon has it’s own signature move in Steam Eruption, a 95% accuracy, 110 base power special attack that has a 30% chance to burn. It features the Water Absorb ability, giving it a handy immunity to water type moves.


Unfortunately it’s stats are rather low for a legendary but it’s great typing and move set looks to make up for this. No information on it’s distribution was announced outside that it will be available for all Generation 6 games, but it is known to be the ‘star’ of next years Pokemon Movie that will no doubt be released in Japan first alongside Volcanion. Check back with Capsule later as we will announce the international release when that information becomes available.


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