Madman Announces a Special Encore Screening of ‘Love Live! The School Idol Movie’

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Madman Entertainment announced this week that there will be a special encore screening of Love Live! The School Idol Movie on December 12 at Hoyts Melbourne Central. Madman previously licensed the first season of Love Live! School Idol Project and released the English-subtitled version on DVD. The Collector’s Edition release is still available for fans who wish to own a copy the first season. Madman describes the movie as follows:

When their school was at risk of shutting down, nine students came together in order to save their school. How could they save it? By becoming school idols! And thus the legend of μ’s (“Muse”) began!

Now, three of the members are graduating. What will happen to the group? With the clock ticking on their school idol life, the girls decide to hold one last, great concert. But first they’ll need more publicity… In order to spread the appeal of school idols, the girls travel to America!

Will they go out with a bang or a sizzle? Will they find the true meaning of school idols? And will they learn the answer to this question… “whose sake do you sing for?”

Each ticket will come with a special Love Live! School Idol Festival SR game code and one of nine μ autograph boards. Tickets for this encore screening can be purchased here.

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