Gravity Rush Remastered Now Planned for Retail Release in North America

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gravity-rush-remastered-screenshot- (26)

Sony pleased many of their fans when they announced that they were planning on remaking the original Gravity Rush and were releasing it onto the PlayStation 4. What annoyed some people however was the fact that the North American release of Gravity Rush Remastered was going to be limited to a digital download while all other territories were getting the title at both retail and digitally.

Thankfully it appears that due to feedback from fans Sony is changing their digital only plans in North America as Gravity Rush Remastered is now going to be released at retail, at least through Amazon, when it is released on February 9th in North America. As for the other countries, Gravity Rush Remastered is set to be released in Japan on December 10th and in Europe on February 10th.

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