Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Hands-On Preview

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I’m not shy in admitting that I love EA’s Plants v Zombies series in all of its forms, and the surprisingly fun Garden Warfare was probably my favourite installment of the bunch. That’s why when I found out a sequel was being released I had a mixture of enthusiasm and cautious optimism. What more could they do? Will this feel like a cheap cash-in? Well after playing a few rounds of the game, I am starting to feel a little more certain of my thoughts.

So the game mode i got to play at this year’s EB Games expo had me and three other zombies defending our base from an onslaught of AI controlled plants. While this game mode isn’t anything new, what was different was the fact that there were a whole bunch of new character types for you to play as. My favourite of the new bunch was definitely the new Superhero-Zombie who was a physical attacker who’s only means of ranged attack was a special hadouken-style attack. One thing I really took from my time with the game was that the developers really worked hard to have the characters all feel new, unique and fresh not only from one another but also from those in the first game.


Visually, not much has changed this time around. The map that I played was pretty highly populated and offered multiple paths and vantage points to come at your enemies. I would like to see how these maps play in a more competitive PvP setting.

When all is said and done however, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 just felt like an expansion of the original. We’re my couple of rounds fun? Absolutely, but at this point I don’t know if it is worth purchasing a whole new game. I am willing to be proven wrong when the full game launches in 2016 but for now I am treating this one with caution.

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  • Crazier_Dave

    This article is clearly written by someone that had little to no experience with what is PvZ: GW2 at the moment. Have you even previewed or seen the all-new player hub? Checked out the story mode yet? Did you try out solo play and its entirety?

    Understand, that when you were playing the game at the EB expo, that the game didn’t even reach alpha stage yet. There’s still a lot more to look forward to, such as the ones I’ve listed above to name a few. Garden Warfare 2 is a HUGE upgrade to its previous successor and I wished that the author would’ve acknowledge it.

    By the way, Super Brains has two ranged abilities, not one…try aiming down the sight, then pressing the trigger.


      wow nice fanboy rant..

      Maybe if you checked before accusing the writer had no experience about GW when he’s actually written the review for the first one. see here:

      but that review probably still wasnt written well enough or to your standards im guessing and the writer has no idea… lol

      Everyones entitled to their own opinion but try not to rip / fanboy too hard, its easy to abuse people when sitting from rafters, maybe u should try writing your own preview and review for the game and see how hard it might be.

      • Crazier_Dave

        Ok, look VERY carefully at that review compared to this one.

        It is obvious that Andrew knew what he was talking about in GW1: The date, March 7th, pointed out that he very likely had almost ten days to play and write a review of the game and he tried and talked about every general aspect that was released at the time.

        In this review, Andrew judged GW2 only from his EB expo experience. He didn’t even acknowledge what was revealed before the expo itself, just the few minutes of time that he spent on a couple of plant waves at a booth.

        Andrew is a good writer, judging by his previous articles, but did this article reflect his skills at all…did the people that are reading this article understood exactly what GW2 potential really is?

        • Andrew Day

          Hey guys, I just saw your conversation and thought I’d just pop in!

          Crazier_Dave, you’re absolutely right in what you say – I only know a little bit about what GW2 is going to be, and that experience comes from what I was able to play at the Expo.

          Sure there have been news pieces and info released about upcoming features for the game, but since I haven’t been able to actually experience those, discussing them would be baseless speculation on my part and not an accurate portrayal of what I experienced.

          When the game gets closer and closer to release, and more complete builds with more features are released for us to try then odds are my opinion will change drastically, which will be reflected in new preview and review pieces.

          I also just wanted to say that discussion like this is excellent, and I love that people get so fired up about this industry. It reminds me why I do what I do in the first place.

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