‘Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.’ Is Coming to Australia and New Zealand on December 10

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Nintendo of Australia has announced that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. will be released in Australia and New Zealand on December 10. The Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi universes have been combined to create this new RPG.

Nintendo gave a description of the game: “When Luigi accidentally opens a mysterious book hidden away in Peach’s Castle, he gets more than he bargained for when characters from the Paper Mario universe spill out of the pages and start running amok. Players must take control of the terrific trio of Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario to defeat Bowser and Paper Bowser and bring the Paper Mario characters back to their original world”.

In this game, Paper Mario leaves the second dimension to join Mario and Luigi in their quest to defeat two Bowsers. The game will come with new features, including Trio Attacks and the ability to use Paper Mario’s copy ability to create clones of himself. Paper Mario can also slip through small cracks in areas that cannot be accessed by his three-dimensional brothers. The game will also introduce Paper Craft Battles, a feature that gets players to defeat Bowser’s forces by playing rhythm-based dance events.

This is the fifth game in the Paper Mario series, following Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS.

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