Lupiesoft’s Erotic Visual Novel The Menagerie Now Available Through MangaGamer

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After a minor delay to increase the quality of the title, the original English language visual novel The Menagerie has been released by Lupiesoft through MangaGamer’s website where it can be purchased for $15.95 for PC, Mac, and Linux users. The title is an 18+ erotic visual novel with focus on futanari monster girls, bondage scenes, and more as players make a number of choices throughout that can lead to different endings for the lead character Rao-Ji.


The Menagerie takes place in the desert city of Alabast where the city’s most prominent landmark, The Sail, is home to decadence where only the highest class of nobles can live. Rao-ji, a fiore (which is a futanari in this world), is a Drachene that finds herself being brought into this place and finds herself on a “sexy tale” of personal discovery.

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  • Sounds promising, wonder what the future of EOVN games will be like, after entering 18+ territory?

    • EmmyG

      This is hardly ‘entering’. There are many 18+ EVNs. Some are terrible. Some aren’t.

      • True, I guess I should have stated, entering towards a path of more quality 18+ titles.

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