Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle #82 Now Available

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82 is a strangely important number for NBA, NHL, and the MLB. There are 82 regular season games in both the NBA and the NHL. In MLB, a team must win 82 games for a winning season. If sports isn’t your thing, Indie Gala’s Every Monday Bundle #82 might just keep you busy for an entire season with six indie games.

Superstatic – A top down shooter that lets players capture and control enemies to create massive kill chains.

Life of Pixel – An epic adventure through the golden age of video gaming.


Stigmat – A hardcore platformer starring a one eyed hero fighting against the evil Dr. Worm.

Star-Box – Explore an infinite universe with your very own space ship in this tactical RPG.

Bloo Kid 2 – A retro styled platformer featuring five worlds of 12 levels each.


Karma – A life simulator about programming, consumerism, and stress.

For the first 24 hours, the bundle is only $1.89 for all six games. Grab your copy now at Indie Gala.

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