Freddie Wong and Stephanie Bendixsen Are Coming to RTX Australia

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It has been announced that Freddie Wong and Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen are coming to RTX Australia next January. Freddie Wong is the CEO and co-creator of RocketJump and Stephanie Bendixsen is from the ABC series Good Game. Stephanie will also be the keynote speaker at the event. This will be Freddie’s first time in an event in Australia. More information about the two guests can be found at the official RTX Australia website here.

It was previously announced that Geoff Ramsey and Ryan Haywood from Achievement Hunter will also be attending the event. Fans of Rooster Teeth will know Geoff Ramsey as the ‘father’ of Achievement Hunter and as the voice of Griff in the popular and long-running web series Red vs. Blue. Ryan Haywood is frequently found in Achievement Hunter’s videos, and also starred in Rooster Teeth’s recent interactive web series Ten Little Roosters.

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