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Three New Dungeons and an Expanded Map Now Available in the Fast-Paced MMORPG CABAL 2 

IRVINE, CALIF. – Oct. 15, 2015 As announced last week, ESTsoft, Inc. has provided the latest and biggest update yet for CABAL 2, “Ruins of the Gods.”

The latest update features three new high-level dungeons for players to truly test their skills. Additionally, the CABAL 2 universe will grow in the new update with a new map expansion; the Gray Canyon area is now open for players at level 40 or higher to explore and take on the vicious enemies that await. One more new feature is the increased level cap, which now sets the cap at level 45, allowing players to continue to grow with all the new content.

ESTsoft will also be running special events to go celebrate the content update, featuring various rewards for players that participate. In “The Race to Victory!” event the first user to reach level 45 will win a reward. This event is class-based, so there will be six winners – one for each class. The second event is “The Ruins of the Gods Playtime Event” which will reward players for playing the game during specified times between Oct. 14 and Oct. 21.

As an added bonus, players that have been inactive from the CABAL 2 battlefields will enjoy a seven day premium for returning to the game. This premium will provide players an increased item drop rate, a higher point acquisition bonus when battling and much more.

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Evolving from the wildly-successful CABAL Online, which hosts nearly 30 million users from more than 60 countries around the world, CABAL 2 is a high-fantasy MMO for PC which combines deep, immersive RPG elements with epic skill-based battles. This next chapter in the CABAL series bring a unique style of gameplay sure to appeal to players who are both nostalgic for the classic MMOs of the past, but also still enjoy the technical advancements of modern PC gaming.

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ESTsoft Inc. is the North American publishing and operations arm of ESTsoft Corp, a leading Korean software company since 1993. ESTsoft delivers essential software products and innovative online games around the world. ESTsoft has been a KOSDAQ listed company since 2008.

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