Madman’s Anime Releases of September 16, 2015 Are Now Available

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Madman Entertainment’s anime releases of September 2015 are out now in stores across Australia. The following is a complete list of all of their anime releases of this month, including format details.

  • BlazBlue: Alter Memory Series Collection – DVD
  • Inari Kon Kon Series Collection (English-subtitled edition) – DVD
  • Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing Complete Series – DVD and Blu-ray
  • Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (season 2) Part 2 (episodes 14-25) – DVD
  • Magical Warfare Series Collection – DVD
  • Michiko & Hatchin Complete Series – DVD and Blu-ray
  • Naruto Shippuden Collection 23 (episodes 284-296) – DVD
  • Noragami Series Collection – DVD
  • One Piece Collection 32 (episodes 385-396) – DVD
  • Soul Eater Not! Collection – DVD and Blu-ray
  • The World God Only Knows OVA Collection – DVD

Some of these titles have already been reviewed here at Capsule Computers. Reviews for Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing Part 1 can be found here (DVD) and here (Blu-ray) and Part 2 here (DVD) and here (Blu-ray), Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (season 1) here and for Michiko & Hatchin Part 1 here (DVD) and here (Blu-ray) and Part 2 here (Blu-ray).

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