GL Events launches international entertainment event: Gaming Istanbul

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GL Events launches international entertainment event: Gaming Istanbul

Ambitious plans to bring the best in entertainment, gaming and bespoke trade conferences to 100,000 visitors at the Istanbul Congress Centre, 4th – 7th February 2016

Istanbul, Turkey – 22 September, 2015 – GL Events, a leading global events company, has today announced the launch of a new European entertainment event, Gaming Istanbul, due to take place for the first time at the Istanbul Congress Centre, 4th-7thFebruary 2016.

The show is expected to cater to 100,000 consumer and trade visitors with areas for exhibition, eSports, indie showcases, and multiple stages through the venue, hosting gaming and entertainment shows and music from international artists. The 10,000 m2 venue will also house conferences, careers and B2B zones to facilitate investment and partnership opportunities.

The Consumer exhibition space has been designed to cater to the latest games, offering an array of options for international publishers, and with the publishers already signed-up to the event, it promises to put Turkey on the map for international gaming events.

Trade visitors can look forward to VR specific content, a wide range of panels and presentations on art, design, concept and programming, all linked directly to one of Europe’s largest in-event careers zones, specifically designed to put talent in touch with job creators. Online matchmaking apps will make introductions easier than ever before.

Commenting on the announcement, Cevher Eryürek, Project Director, Gaming Istanbul, said:

“Istanbul has been known as the gateway to Eurasia for centuries, and Gaming Istanbul was designed with this ethos in mind. For publishers, it will provide a platform for their products, showcasing them to a huge audience. For developers, tools providers, distributors and the wider industry, Gaming Istanbul is a springboard into Europe for Asian companies, and a bridge to the east for Europe and the Americas.” She continued, “Turkey has a huge gaming audience, equalled only by those with a passion for entertainment, and we’ve designed this event to cater to both; a showcase for the best in entertainment, and a new and innovative conference for the industry.”

Gaming Istanbul takes place between 4-7 February 2016 at the Istanbul Congress Centre.

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About Gaming Istanbul
Gaming Istanbul is designed to be “the gaming bridge of EuroAsia” inside a 10.000 m² space at Istanbul Congress Centre with an estimated 100,000+ international visitors for 2016. Gaming Istanbul provides worldwide advertising & PR campaign support, as well as providing showcase & OTC sale opportunities for game studios, game producers, hardware manufacturers, game & game related products retailers and hardware retailers.

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About GL Events

GL Events has over 90 offices around the world, and specialises in providing events from exhibitions to fairs. GL Events has 40 event & exhibition centres in 24 countries with 300 registered fairs and 4000 events worldwide. With over 11 million visitors, GL Events fills an exhibition area of over 1 million m², and managing these large numbers is a dedicated international team of up to 4,107 professionals. GL Events made an annual income of 939.4 M €.

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