George C. Romero And Free Reign Entertainment Release Open Beta for Survival Horror Game Romero’s Aftermath

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George C. Romero And Free Reign Entertainment Release Open Beta for Survival Horror Game Romero’s Aftermath 

First Free-to-Win Massively Multiplayer Online Survival Horror Game Now Available for All to Play 

LOS ANGELES – September 24, 2015 – In a collaboration between horror film director George C. Romero and independent video game publisher Free Reign Entertainment, Romero’s Aftermath, the only free-to-win massively multiplayer online (MMO) survival horror game, releases today into Open Beta.  Players interested in testing their survival skills in Romero’s Aftermath can play for free by visiting and downloading from the game’s official website at The game is also available for download on Steam at

“I’ve long been a fan of survival horror games and when I had the opportunity to collaborate on Aftermath, I jumped at the chance to bring my experience working on horror films into a new medium,” said George C. Romero. “Free Reign has built a great title that I think players are going to love, whether they’re new to the survival horror genre or a huge fan like myself.”

Set in an expansive open world filled with lush forests, deserts and fully explorable towns, Romero’s Aftermath has players battle zombies, compete against other survivalists, and use their survival skills such as trapping and cooking animals to stay alive. In Romero’s Aftermath, gameplay is strictly “Free to Win,” which means what happens to a player depends solely on their skills. Romero’s Aftermath costs nothing to download and play, and the only purchasable items are cosmetic skins, customizations and boosts that allow players to acquire certain in-game items more quickly (if they don’t have the time to put into exploring). However, every item can be acquired during play by exploring, looting, trading or defeating other survivalists.

“Working with Cameron on Aftermath is a dream come true for anyone developing a survival-horror game,” said Adam Skidmore, Design Lead on Romero’s Aftermath. “His knowledge and expertise in the genre combined with Aftermath‘s unique gameplay experience will usher in a new era of what survival horror MMOs can be, and we look forward to seeing how players respond to the game.”

For more information on Romero’s Aftermath please visit the game’s official website.

A digital press kit is available at 

About Free Reign Entertainment

Founded in 2014 as a publishing arm of Arktos Entertainment Group, Free Reign is a PC games developer and publishing partner dedicated to creating immersive worlds and games heavily influenced by their community. The studio creates original IP, specializing in developing massive online games.

About George C. Romero

Horror filmmaker George Cameron Romero, son of horror master George A. Romero, has just completed production on his 19th movie that gained him entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of extras in short film history. Cameron continues development of Origins – a feature film that dovetails into Night of the Living Dead, explaining the true origin and genesis of all zombies.”

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