Brand New VR Experience See BIG World Through “Mini-Eyes”

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Brand New VR Experience See BIG World Through Mini-Eyes

(HONG KONG, 17 September, 2015) Do you still remember the green army in ‘Toy Story’? Even a simple desk in Andy’s room could turn into an adventurous obstacle race!

IOIO Creative, a Hong Kong based multimedia team is going to join the Tokyo Game Show 2015 in Mid September, showcasing a lifelike miniature world – “Gulliver” with the integration of 360° panorama technologies and mobile apps. The installation is going to bring everyone a thriving, real man perspective teleport.

Gulliver will have its debut in Japan and brings users a brand new excitement. During the game show, viewers will pass through a Vietnam river in ratio of 1:50, taking a venturesome boat trip in a war night. After wearing an HMD (Head Mount Display), viewers could explore the groves on both riversides, experiencing an immersive thrilling adventure, which is a NOT-TO-BE missed item for all IT and excitement lovers!

Reverse application of VR, New Angle to See Real World

While VR technology is growingly popular, many developers strive to build various 3D World to win attention. Nevertheless, the Gulliver team walks in the opposite and is determined to interpret the real world from a brand new angle. Utilising the 360° HD shooting, stitching and the head-wear display, Gulliver has created a Real-time Perspective Teleport.

Do you want to know how does the world look like in puppy’s eyesight? Or incarnate yourself into bumblebee to experience the scenario of Transformer? Wandering into a museum model to understand the past or jumping into a commercial brandscape for an unrestrained and vigorous journey? Come up with some crazy ideas and letGulliver to help you make it real

About IOIO Creative:

IOIO Creative is a thriving creative solution hub assembling talented artists, designers and technicians. Founded in 2015, IOIO aims to provide one-stop approach to guarantee our clients receive solutions excel in quality, consistency and comprehensiveness. Our service includes all-rounded corporate and brand analysis, innovative branding solution, meticulous execution of corporate multimedia campaigns and sophisticated solution evaluation. Clients of IOIO including PMQ and Fox International. For more information, please visit:


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