World of Warcraft: Legion Announced as Next Expansion Pack

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Blizzard brought out their big guns to gamescom 2015 this year, choosing the European show for the announcement of the next World of Warcraft expansion packWorld of Warcraft: Legion will bring players to The Broken Isles, where the demonic invasion lead by the Burning Legion threatens all of Azeroth. Classic heroes such as Maiev Shadowsong Illidan Stormrage are returning for this pack’s story arc.

The expansion pack will raise the level cap to 110 and introduce the Demon Hunter class. Only playable by Night Elves and Blood Elves, the Demon Hunters are blind, but highly mobile melee fighters that will serve as melee DPS and tanks. They can get into combat quickly, dodge attacks, and quickly flank with double jumps, vaults, and glides. When the situation calls for a little more punch, the Demon Hunter can use Metamorphosis to turn into their demonic form. Just don’t assume their blindness means they can’t see. In fact, Spectral Sight allows Demon Hunters to see better than other classes, allowing them to find hidden targets. Currently, only two specializations has been announced, Vengeance for tanking and Havoc for DPS.


Existing classes are getting some love too. Artifact weapons are being introduced for each class. These weapons have special abilities and traits that are unlocked based on player choices. Not much information on the Order Halls was made available, but it sounds like they will be World of Warcraft: Legion’s version of the existing Garrison system. Instead of being faction-focused, the Order Halls will be class focused. Finally, the PVP system is being revamped with PvP-specific abilities.

No release date has been announced for World of Warcraft: Legion; however, sign-ups for beta are currently being accepted.

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