Stella Glow’s Latest Trailer Introduces ‘Witch Tuning’

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Atlus USA has released a new English trailer for Stella Glow and this time the company is focusing on showing off the title’s “witch tuning” mechanic. Those who are familiar with the Ar Tonelico series may see quite a few similarities here as witch tuning requires the player to enter the hearts of the witches that join Alto in order to combat the fears and nightmares that plague their minds and hearts. By doing so, the witch will grow stronger and unlock additional songs that can be used in combat.

Though be careful, with four good witches, one bad witch, and only a limited amount of time you can spend to grow closer to certain characters to earn their trust it may mean prioritizing a certain girl over others. You can check out the trailer below and as for the game itself, currently Stella Glow is set to be released in North America sometime this holiday season and in Europe in Spring 2016.

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