Pocket Platoons to Bring Giant Battles to Small Screens

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Pocket Platoons to Bring Giant Battles to Small Screens

World War II Mobile Strategy Title to Focus on Tactics, Story, and Depth with Over 300 Campaign Stages and a Variety of Game of Modes


SEATTLE — August 11, 2015 — En Masse Entertainment, publisher of TERA — one of the most-played MMORPGs on Steam— is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Pocket Platoons. Scheduled to charge into battle on August 27 for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices across North America and Europe, Pocket Platoons finds players building bases of operations and controlling customized armies in a stylized, WWII-themed strategy extravaganza.


Pocket Platoons is a little game with a lot of heart. It has so much to offer with its amazing depth, wide range of units and variety of modes,” said Chris Lee, En Masse Entertainment CEO. “In this game, troop position really matters, which will appeal to players looking for fantastic turn-based combat strategy. Core gamers will gravitate to this gem of a game for their mobile devices.”
Choose between the Allies and Axis factions, build your base, summon and strengthen your army, and then lead your troops into battle. Enjoy a variety of single-player skirmishes, PvP battles, and epic 5v5 coalition combat. With over 300 campaign stages, hundreds of progression quests, dozens of tactical units, and a wide variety of combat modes to master, Pocket Platoons brings a new experience to the mobile strategy genre. Instead of relying on luck-based battle systems and pay-to-win micro-transactions, Pocket Platoons rewards player skill and a deep understanding of battlefield positioning and combat tactics.

Pocket Platoons
will be free to download on the App Store, Google Play™, and the Amazon Appstore on August 27. For more information please visit the official Pocket Platoons product page.

For supporting assets for Pocket Platoons, including today’s announcement trailer and screenshots, please visit: http://bit.ly/PocketPlatoonsAnnounce

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