Over the past four years, the toys to life genre of games has exploded from non-existant to some of the best selling games around. Kids (and kids at heart) everywhere love collecting the toys and having the colourful cast of characters come to life on the screen in front of their very eyes.

However, as is to be expected with a series that requires you to buy so many different pieces, the total cost of these games can get rather pricey. Well, since three majors TTL franchises are releasing games next month (Disney Infinity 3.0, Lego Dimensions and Skylanders Superchargers) we thought it would be a good idea to break down exactly how much everything costs so that you can be smart little shoppers and get the bang for your buck.

Note: We have prices listed for EB Games and JB HiFi, as they are two of Australia’s biggest gaming retailers. We will add more prices as other stockists reveal pricing information.


Lego Dimensions

A newcomer to the TTL genre, Lego Dimensions from TT Games and Warner Bros. is set to release on September 28th and looks to be the most ambitious game to date. Featuring characters and worlds from Portal, Back to the Future, The Simpsons and even Doctor Who, Lego Dimensions will literally have something for everybody but as many of you out there would know, those little bricks can be expensive, so lets take a look at just how much Lego Dimensions will set you back:

September 28th

Item Type Price (EB Games) Price (JB HiFi)
Starter Pack Starter Pack $169.95 $164.00
The Simpsons Level Pack $49.95 $49.00
Portal 2 Level Pack $49.95 $49.00
Back to the Future Level Pack $49.95 $49.00
Jurassic World Team Pack $39.95 $39.00
Scooby Doo Team Pack $39.95 $39.00
Bart Simpson Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Krusty the Clown Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Chima – Laval Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Chima – Cragger Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Chima – Eris Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Emmet Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Bad Cop Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Benny Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Unikitty Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Cyborg Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Wonder Woman Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Legolas Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Gimli Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Gollum Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Ninjago Jay Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Ninjago Nya Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Ninjago Zane Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Wicked Witch Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Total $848.80 $821.00


November 6th

Item Type Price (EB Games) Price (JB HiFi)
Doctor Who Level Pack $24.95 $24.00
Ninjago Team Pack $39.95 $39.00
Total $64.90 $63.00


TBC 2016

Item Type Price (EB Games) Price (JB HiFi)
Ghostbusters Level Pack $49.95 $49.00
Joker & Harley Quinn Team Pack $39.95 $39.00
Cyberman & Dalek Team Pack $39.95 $39.00
Stay Puft Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Slimer Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Doc Brown Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Aquaman Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Superman Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Bane Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Ninjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack $24.95 $24.00
Total $329.45 $319.00


So far this is everything that has been announced but the total cost of everything we currently know about is:

EB Games: $1243.15

JB HiFi: $1203.00

So that’s a not so nice price tag isn’t it. If it helps anybody recover from such a high number, remember that each of the Lego Dimensions packs comes with real Lego pieces for you to enjoy, and rumor has it that it wont be one of those “release a sequel every year” type deals. However it is still quite a bit of money so I personally will be sticking to just a few sets that I really have my eye on.

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