How Much Does “Disney Infinity 3.0” Cost?

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Over the past four years, the toys to life genre of games has exploded from non-existant to some of the best selling games around. Kids (and kids at heart) everywhere love collecting the toys and having the colourful cast of characters come to life on the screen in front of their very eyes.

However, as is to be expected with a series that requires you to buy so many different pieces, the total cost of these games can get rather pricey. Well, since three majors TTL franchises are releasing games next month (Disney Infinity 3.0, Lego Dimensions and Skylanders Superchargers) we thought it would be a good idea to break down exactly how much everything costs so that you can be smart little shoppers and get the bang for your buck.

Note: We have prices listed for EB Games and JB HiFi, as they are two of Australia’s biggest gaming retailers. We will add more prices as other stockists reveal pricing information.


Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars

Releasing on September 3rd in Australia, Disney‘s foray into the TTL realm is a personal favourite of mine (and many others out there) but just how expensive is it? Well, check out the following breakdown:

September 3rd

Item Type Price (EB Games) Price (JB HiFi)
Starter Pack Starter Pack $99.95 $89.00
Inside Out Play Set $39.95 $37.99
Fear Figure $17.95 $17.00
Sadness Figure $17.95 $17.00
Disgust Figure $17.95 $17.00
Obi-Wan Kenobi Figure $17.95 $17.00
Yoda Figure $17.95 $17.00
Darth Maul Figure $17.95 $17.00
Kanan Jarrus Figure $17.95 $17.00
Sabine Wren Figure $17.95 $17.00
Zeb Orrelios Figure $17.95 $17.00
Ezra Bridger Figure $17.95 $17.00
Sam Flynn Figure $17.95 $17.00
Quorra Figure $17.95 $17.00
Mickey Mouse Figure $17.95 $17.00
Minnie Mouse Figure $17.95 $17.00
Fa Mulan Figure $17.95 $17.00
Olaf Figure $17.95 $17.00
Twilight of the Republic Power Discs Power Disc Pack $11.95 $12.00
Tomorrowland Power Discs Power Disc Pack $11.95 $12.00
Total $451.00 $422.99


October 8th

Item Type Price (EB Games) Price (JB HiFi)
Rise Against the Empire Play Set $39.95 $37.99
Darth Vader Figure $17.95 $17.00
Han Solo Figure $17.95 $17.00
Chewbacca Figure $17.95 $17.00
Rise Against the Empire Power Discs Power Disc Pack $11.95 $12.00
Total $105.75 $100.99


November 5th

Item Type Price (EB Games) Price (JB HiFi)
Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure $17.95 $17.00
Ultron Figure $17.95 $17.00
Total $35.90 $34.00


Of course there are a few more figures and Play Sets that were recently announced that don’t yet have release dates or prices, but the total price for everything that we currently know about is:

EB Games: $592.65

JB HiFi: $557.98

So there you go, almost $600 for everything (currently) announced for Disney Infinity 3.0. While it is still quite a chunk of cash, it is broken up into nice chunks so you don’t have to drain the bank all at once.

Want to know how Disney Infinity 3.0 compares to the other Toys to Life games releasing this September? Then you had best check out their breakdowns:

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