Discotek Media Reveals New Anime Licenses and Release Dates

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Discotek Media announced several anime license acquisitions and release dates for several previously announced releases yesterday. Unless otherwise stated, all release dates listed are for 2015.

Getter Robo: Armageddon will be coming to both DVD and Blu-ray, the Z/X Ignition TV series will be coming to DVD in November, the complete series of Beelzebub will be coming to DVD in 2016, Kyousougiga will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray and the complete TV series and movie of Hana Yori Dango will be coming to DVD with dual audio and English subtitles. The complete series of 07-Ghost and Karate Master were announced without any details.

The complete TV series of Arpeggio of Blue Steel and the Lupin III vs Detective Conan special and movie will be released on DVD on October 27. The complete Library War TV series will be coming to DVD on November 4. Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Night on the Galactic Railroad will also be coming to DVD in November. Venus Wars and Space Adventure Cobra will be coming to Blu-ray in December. Discotek is also aiming to release the original TV series of Yowamushi Pedal to DVD in December. Wicked City is coming to DVD in January 2016, but a Blu-ray release of the film may not be possible.

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