Announcing Vainglory Seasons – Autumn Season 2015 Begins in October!

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Announcing Vainglory Seasons – Autumn Season 2015 Begins in October!

Our long-term vision for Vainglory is to create a game that allows for season-based play at every level, from casual matches with friends at home to live-broadcasted eSports tournaments with fierce rivalries. We are very excited to announce that from October onward, Vainglory will feature quarterly seasons. The first official season, Autumn 2015, kicks off this October!

Every year, we’ll divide the Vainglory calendar into four distinct seasons: Winter Season will run from January to March, Spring Season from April until June, Summer Season from July through September and Autumn Season will kick this off in October and run until the end of the year.

During each of these seasons, individual players and teams will be able to earn rewards based on in-game achievements. To ensure that things feel as inclusive as possible for whatever kind of player you are, some of the rewards will be focused purely on you or your team’s competitive skill, while others will reward your commitment and dedication to the game.

This seasonal model means that there will always be fresh content and activities for you to enjoy throughout the year. Achievements will vary from season to season, and all of the trophies that you earn will be kept in a new trophy room being added to your in-game player profile.

To get everyone started with something to strive for during the buildup to the inaugural Autumn Season 2015, we’re adding a special preseason trophy to earn. Starting with update 1.8, you’ll have approximately one month to reach the highest possible skill tier in Ranked play., Your preseason achievement will be immortalized as a permanent trophy at the start of Autumn Season 2015 in October and your skill tier will be reset.

In addition to the new seasonal in-game achievements and rewards, we will also supporting and officially sanctioning regional competitive tournaments and leagues involving the best teams in each region. Following on from the highly successful Vainglory World Invitational, receiving more than 1M views, we have leagues confirmed for Europe, North America and Korea. For the inaugural season, the global eSports prize pool will total more than $100,000. Look for more regional competition news over the coming months!

We are excited to today also announce that we will be working closely with Twitch to promote and support the growing Vainglory eSports community starting with the VGL regional qualifiers for North America and Europe, which start Sept. 5. See the full broadcast schedule here [LINK]. More details on what we will do together in Autumn 2015 are to come. Also be sure to tune into the Vainglory International Premier League operated by OGN, as the group stages wrap up and the high-pressure elimination games begin! The full broadcast schedule is here [LINK].

Good luck, have fun and here’s to the introduction of Vainglory Seasonal play! As always, we’ll be paying close attention to your feedback, especially throughout the preseason and Autumn Season 2015!

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