Super Mario Maker Bundles and Release Details Announced

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To celebrate the launch of Super Mario Maker for Wii U on 12th September and the 30th anniversary of the original title Super Mario title that started it all, Nintendo Australia is launching all-new hardware and software bundles to give existing fans and new players alike a variety of options to enjoy the unique flagship Wii U title for 2015.

Super Mario Maker for Wii U is the next evolution in the Super Mario series, allowing you to create, play and share your very own custom Mario courses with the world! Players can choose one of four looks for their course including the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. Wii U.


Nearly every element from coins to ? Blocks to enemies and more can be used to create your own courses and combining these elements gives rise to even more inspired creations. For example, drop a mushroom over a Goomba to create a Giant Goomba! Super Mario fans can look forward to the following releases on 12th September:


Super Mario Maker Wii U Premium Pack: a black Wii U Premium console, a physical copy of Super Mario Maker, a Hardcover Artbook and a Classic Colours Mario amiibo from the Mario 30th Anniversary Collection (SRP AU$439.95)

Super Mario Maker Limited Edition_ Pack

Super Mario Maker Limited Edition Pack: a physical copy of Super Mario Maker, a Hardcover Artbook and a Classic Colours Mario amiibo from the Mario 30th Anniversary Collection (SRP AU$89.95)


Super Mario Maker Standard Edition Pack: a physical copy of Super Mario Maker and a Hardcover Artbook. (SRP AU$79.95) Those who purchase Super Mario Maker through the e-Shop will receive a PDF document containing the same art.


The Classic Colours Mario amiibo from the Mario 30th Anniversary Collection will also be available on its own from 12th September, while the Modern Colours variant will go on sale from 24th October. These Amiibo will function like any normal Mario across Amiibo compatible games but they also share a special functionality for Super Mario Maker.


Tapping either 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo allows a Big Mushroom to appear and make Mario twice as big as normal (although he will still die in one hit in this form). In addition, enemies will also feature Mario aesthetics and the screen will change to look like an old TV screen. It also seems all other Amiibo will also be compatible with the game, allowing Mario to obtain a Mystery Mushroom which will transforms Mario’s look and sound effects into that of the tapped Amiibo!


As a bonus, those who preorder the Super Mario Maker Limited or Standard Edition Packs from EB Games will receive a bonus Super Mario Maker Magnet Pack. Super Mario Maker was the grand final game played in the 2015 Nintendo World Championships and proves that some really nasty courses can be made. You can check out the World Championships video here. Check back with us for our review when Super Mario Maker launches September 12th.

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