Save the Galaxy in new Star Wars Commander Update

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Since August last year, players all over the world have been enlisting into the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and doing battle across all of space in the epic mobile game Star Wars: Commander. Well now the battles are about to get a whole lot more intense with Disney’s newly released content update: Worlds in Conflict.

While there are a slew of new features available in the game, the most notable is the fact that players will now be able to do battle on some of the most iconic planets from the franchise. Hoth, Yavin IV and more will become battlegrounds for epic PVP action, the likes of which the galaxy has never seen! In addition there are a few more additions to the game as part of the Worlds in Conflict update:

  • Galaxy Map – Part of the Planetary Command building, this map of the greater galaxy provides tactical intel on each planet and allows players to circle through and decide which planet to engage battles on.
  • Updated Play Menu – This updated menu will surface information relevant to each world, such as friends and squadmates on the planet, conflicts and events, as well as chapter progress.
  • Planetary Conflicts  Players compete in PVP tournament-style planetary conflicts on a rotating schedule between the added worlds. Victory bonuses are given to the faction that wins each Conflict.
  • PvP Victory Loot Bonus – Placement in a medal tier at the end of a Planetary Conflict rewards loot bonuses. For a number of days after the conflict, earn bonus loot for victories against in PVP.
  • Planetary Leaderboards – PVP leaderboards will now allow a player to see their own rank as well as the top 50 Commanders. There will also be Planetary specific leaderboards so players will know their standing on their planet. Players will also now know when they’ve received donated troops, and from whom they were donated.


Star Wars: Commander – Worlds in Conflict is available now as a free update through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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