Kodansha Comics’ Announcements from Otakon 2015

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Kodansha Comics made three announcements at their panel at Otakon 2015 last weekend.

Leiji Matsumoto’s 1978 space opera Queen Emeraldas will be published in English for the first time beginning in July 2016. It will be published in two hardcover volumes which will contain more than 400 pages each. The story follows “young man Hiroshi Umino after he sneaks aboard a spaceship in order to leave Earth.”

Yui Sakuma’s Complex Age, “which offers an in-depth look at the life of cosplayer Nagisa Kataura as she gets older and tries to keep her beloved hobby a secret”, will be published in large paperback form from June 2016.

Finally, Nao Emoto’s manga series Forget Me Not (Soredemo boku wa kimi ga suki) will start being released in March 2016. Kodansha describes the series: “Serizawa was walking home from work one day when he was struck by a truck. Woozy and injured, he remembers a woman taking him to safety. It was someone he recognized… but who?”. The series is based on the novel by Taiwanese author Mag Hsu.

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