Kermdinger Studios to Unveil Boondogl This August

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Kermdinger Studios to Unveil Boondogl This August

First Platform Agnostic Video Games Marketplace to Offer Games Without Downloads or Plugins 

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – July 7, 2015 – Video Game development startup Kermdinger Studios, Inc., announced today that Boondogl, the first platform agnostic video games marketplace, will be available starting this August. Using native web technology, Boondogl is a web-driven storefront that allows gamers to buy and play their favorite high quality games on any device without the need for downloads or plugins. After launching this August on PC and Mac, Boondogl will arrive on mobile and console via the Boondogl app by next spring.

Powered by native web technology such as HTML5, Javascript and WebGL, Boondogl will work on virtually any device to allow cross-platform play of popular console, computer and mobile games. For gamers this means they can purchase a game once and have it playable across all their systems. Additionally, Boondogl provides developers an easy solution to bringing their titles to the multitude of available platforms by converting titles only once into native web technology in order to be playable on any device.

“The video game hardware landscape is fragmented and because of this developers have to spend time and resources bringing games to multiple hardware systems,” said Anthony Palma, co-founder of Kermdinger Studios. “With Boondogl we’re aiming to combat this fragmentation by providing a centralized, platform-agnostic gaming experience that will not only save developers costs and time, but also allow gamers to play their favorite games on any device without the need for downloads.”

To keep up with the latest Boondogl news, please visit the official website or follow Boondogl on Twitter or Facebook.
About Kermdinger Studios

Kermdinger Studios is an independent video game development studio based in Silicon Valley. Comprised of graduates from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Master’s program, Kermdinger produces great game-related ideas regardless of platform, genre or target market. Whether it’s a video game such as Kermdinger’s first title, Stunt Runner, or the entirely new game distribution platform Boondogl, Kermdinger’s projects break through the adherence to “normal” and “safe” strategies in the gaming industry.

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