Eyedentity Mobile, Record-breaking RPG “Grand Chase M” to be launched on 30th July

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Seoul, Korea, 28th July: Eyedentity Mobile announced the worldwide launch date of “Grand Chase M”, a mobile action RPG based on the popular MMO “Grand Chase”, as 30th July.  Developed by Davinci Games and published by Eyedentity Mobile, “Grand Chase M” follows in the footsteps of its online predecessor Grand Chase and draws players in with vivid anime graphics, spectacular skill animations and quick paced action gameplay.

“Grand Chase M” continues the story about the divided world of “Bermesiah” and its beloved characters, such as “Sieghart”, ”Elesis” and “Lass”, who are striving for the reunification of the realms. Stemming from Grand Chase’s huge success in 15 countries (including America, Japan, Indonesia and Brazil) with a fan base of more than 20 million players worldwide, “Grand Chase M”’s closed beta already drew massive attention to the game and made over 200,000 users pre-register for the official launch.

With so many users participating in the game testing, Eyedentity Mobile had a lot of feedback to go on and applied various game changes together with the developer. As a result, the battle system and the economy have been rebalanced, the new game mode “Wizard’s Labyrinth” has been added, the opening scene has been changed and the UI as well as the encyclopedia system have been redesigned for a more convenient game experience.

The game will be available in 12 languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Thai and also Vietnamese) and will be accompanied by a new theme song. Despite all these changes, familiar voices like Spellknight Ronan’s original voice actor will make a comeback in the game.

“Grand Chase M” is a quick paced mobile action RPG experience, in which players have to strategically set up a group of five heroes to venture across huge dungeon maps, into PvP Battle Arenas, endless challenge dungeons and dangerous raids. To succeed in their adventure, players have to cleverly set up their Heroes’ elements, skills and equipment to make the most out of their party. Each Hero has five unlockable skills, varying between active, passive and special ones, whereas the special ones can be combined with other Heroes’ ultimate skills to perform a devastating “Chase Attack” combo.

On top of the basic, story-based dungeon gameplay, “Grand Chase M” offers many side activities, such as daily event battles, 25 player raids, PvP rankings, Hero Growth, Gear Enhancement and much more. An intriguing blend of stunning skill animations, intense action and an amazing anime style is what makes this game special.

Andreas Günter, COO of Eyedentity Mobile’s Western division, states: “With Grand Chase M, we have received a flagship title for our mobile branch that perfectly complements our current portfolio. We have put a lot of effort into publishing a mobile game with a free-to-play model that is fair for new players and loyal Grand Chase fans alike.
Grand Chase M’s soft launch showed us how thoroughly players enjoy the game. With the official release, we can now welcome both loyal fans and new players to an intriguing action adventure for mobile devices.
In the future, we will continue to develop new and expand existing content, based on player feedback and close cooperation with our players.”

Plenty of updates are already prepared. For a start, the guild system will be expanded to make the game’s social side more attractive and immersive. Adding to that, more new systems (e.g. “Transcendence”, a new system to upgrade the playable Heroes), a variety of new characters (e.g. familiar Heroes like Asin, Uno, Lass, Edel and Veigas) and new game modes (e.g. the “Trial Tower”, an endless round-based dungeon in which players have to continually clear harder floors) will be implemented in late summer and autumn.

On 30th July, “Grand Chase M” will officially be launched for both iOS and Android in 198 countries, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France and the Philippines.

For more information about “Grand Chase M”, please visit the official homepage or check the official Facebook page.

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