Erotic Match 3 RPG ‘Lewd Warfare’ Revealed

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While there are a large number of 18+ titles starting to be translated into English and many more are being produced by English speaking developers, most of these games are simple visual novels that offer various branching paths if the player is lucky. Since there is such a lack of gameplay in the area, a few people are working to try and bring a little something different to the masses. A team of developers and artists are currently seeking funding through Patreon to create a project named Lewd Warfare.


Lewd Warfare will be a “Match 3” RPG set in a fantasy world where five different factions fight against one another. These factions include Hybrid Humanoids, Elves, Amazonians, Mages and more are planned with each faction having four unique character units and one leader with each character will be represented on the screen with full body art.


While Lewd Warfare is being designed to be an adult title with sexual content, the team is planning on eventually creating an all-ages version of the title on Steam with the naughty bits removed. Those who wish to learn more about the project and help fund the title can do so on the Patreon page.

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  • Thank you for the post.

  • So it’s primarily an erotic puzzel game like Huniepop or it has more complex RPG elements? Also what timetable are they looking at to bring this game out, a year or two?

    • The time table is on the patreon itself under some text labeled Timeline. In general around September/October is looking to be a rather full version. It has the world conquest map strategy map going for it and really plays a little comparable to risk with the resource management. Their are also visual novel elements or pairs/chosen routes. You have various different active characters/units with different skills and abilities. Your conquering the world and showing them your Faction is best. You can chose which one you are from the start.

      • Nice! Well best of luck to you and everyone in your team.

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