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New hero levels, gear, stats and evolving pets give players the power to take on additional game modes and challenges 

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – July 28, 2015 – Today Trendy Entertainment released the largest update yet to its action tower defense game, Dungeon Defenders II. The ‘Loot & Survive’ patch significantly improves leveling and progression by increasing the player hero level cap, expanding the loot system, adding new gameplay and difficulty modes, and evolving the pet system.

First and foremost, ‘Loot & Survive’ increases the hero level cap from 25 to 50. As heroes level up, players can choose rewards, like skill spheres, to advance them even further. The update revises the hero deck so that players can unlock more slots (up to four) as they play, and when a hero is fully leveled, players will receive an experience boost for the rest of their deck.

‘Loot & Survive’ adds a tutorial and multiple gameplay and difficulty modes to Dungeon Defenders II, as well. The game has been rebalanced overall to be more fun for solo adventurers, and there are new mini-bosses throughout the campaign. Completing the campaign unlocks the endless survival challenge of Onslaught Mode and Adventure Mode, which lets players take on base maps at a harder difficulty setting. And for true punishment, Nightmare Modes I-IV open up at level 40.

Player companion pets are also growing. Not only are there more to acquire in ‘Loot & Survive,’ but pets can now evolve, giving them new active abilities and, in some cases, changing their appearance. Today’s patch also allows players to reroll their current pets for more desirable stats.

Furthermore, ‘Loot & Survive’ moves Dungeon Defenders II closer to another development milestone with the addition of the very first story tools to the game. NPCs are now able to talk (though what they say may not make very much sense yet). New daily missions with better rewards are now available, as are monthly missions with very unique and exciting prizes. The update also includes a host of balance changes, new special enemies, an improved game launcher, and new costumes, including the Pirate Monk, Tiger Monk and Farmer Apprentice.

Set in the magical world of Etheria, Dungeon Defenders II is a third-person action tower defense game featuring single-player and cooperative online multiplayer gameplay. Players set up and evolve their characters and defenses to withstand wave after wave of invading enemy minions and bosses. The title builds on the core combat, strategy and RPG elements of the original Dungeon Defenders with new systems, abilities, loot and challenges.

Dungeon Defenders II is now available on PC via Steam Early Access, on sale for $14.99 for a limited time. An upgraded Collector’s Edition bundle with exclusive skins, costumes and more is also on sale for $44.99 for a limited time. It can also be purchased on sale as part of the Humble Store Tower Defense Madness Sale, from July 28 to 31.

In the future, Dungeon Defenders II will launch on PC, Mac, Linux and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system as a free-to-play title supported by ethical in-game purchases. For more information, please visit www.DungeonDefenders.com, and follow along at www.facebook.com/DungeonDefenders and www.twitter.com/TrendyEnt.

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Trendy Entertainment is an independent video game development studio based in Gainesville, Fla. Created by veterans of the video game industry, Trendy Entertainment is focused on developing fun and innovative video games across multiple platforms. The company believes digital distribution deserves the same AAA-quality releases as retail.

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