Drakensang Online: Rise of Balor – Biggest Expansion Ever Coming in August

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Drakensang Online: Rise of Balor – Biggest Expansion Ever Coming in August

Bigpoint adds a whole new continent, over 150 new quests, items, monsters and a completely redesigned skill system to its hack’n’slay RPG.

Hamburg, Germany, July 28th 2015 | A new era is dawning in Drakensang Online! Bigpoint, one of the world’s leading developers and publishers of online games, today announced the release of the biggest expansion ever for its successful action RPG. The add-on is called “Rise of Balor” and will be available in August 2015. This marks the beginning of a series of new features coming to Drakensang Online through the end of the year.

Meet the Most Powerful Boss in the History of Drakensang Online!

The expansion unveils a whole new continent filled with exciting challenges for advanced heroes. The update raises the maximum level from 45 to 50 and adds 150 brand new quests, NPCs and monsters to the world of Dracania. For the first time since the release of Drakensang Online, players will come face-to-face with a living, breathing dragon! Battling fierce monsters will be rewarded with epic armor, weapons and new item sets. The storyline continues in “Rise of Balor”. Ancient mysteries come to light and an evil being from long-forgotten times reawakens. The task seems clear: vanquish the forces of evil and save the world—but all is not as it seems. Unanticipated twists and turns guarantee excitement and suspense, even for players who think they’ve already seen everything the world of Dracania has to offer.

Tropical Heat and Wild Beasts: Welcome to Lor’Tac!

The unveiling of the new continent Lor’Tac marks a whole new chapter in the story of Drakensang Online. The design of the territory is influenced by the Aztec and Polynesian cultures. The setting: a tropical rainforest in which players will encounter two new tribes and battle monsters on more than ten new maps.

More Tactical Options for Character Development

And that’s not all! The skill system in Drakensang Online has been reworked from the ground up, converted to a skill and talent mastery system for all four character classes. Players can freely distribute their talent points as they like and experiment with specializations. This opens up new strategic possibilities for character development and encourages customized play styles.

The update also includes reimagined graphics and character lightning as well as a range of technical improvements. The experience for first-time players was already massively improved a few months ago, and loads of new content and features will follow through the end of 2015.

Note: The developers will be giving a special pre-release presentation of the new features and content in Drakensang Online: “Rise of Balor” at Gamescom, Cologne. Appointments are still available.

Lor’Tac Bound – Harbingers of Corruption – Pre-release Event

To make the wait for the release more bearable, Bigpoint has launched a new world event. It’s called “Lor’Tac Bound – Harbingers of Corruption” and will last until the release of “Rise of Balor”. In the event, sinister rifts and portals appear in Dracania, leaving destruction in their wake. To put an end to these dark forces, players must collect Corrupted Andermagic from special monsters they kill, the only way to enter the rifts and gain access to a Realm Chamber leading in Lor’Tac. Beware, for even more dangerous foes lurk on the other side! Players who defeat these enemies receive Tablet Fragments they can exchange for powerful equipment once they reach Lor’Tac.

About Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a highly immersive and compelling online action RPG set in the fantasy world Dracania. As a Ranger, Steam Mechanicus, Dragonknight or Spellweaver, the player becomes a hero, participating in a high fantasy battle between the forces of good and evil.

Every player can choose to play single-player or experience the story with a group of friends. More than 1,000 quests guide the player through more than 100 maps, and a complex story line that leads from Duria to the Dark Dwarves’ kingdom and into the dark forests of Lor’Tac. With regular events, community specials and updates, Drakensang Online offers endless entertainment for all player levels.

There are currently 4 PvP modes, in which over 800,000 battles are fought every month in Europe alone. Duels, Group vs Group, Capture the Flag and Storm the Fortress all contribute to the huge total of PvP battles per month.

Developed and maintained in Europe, Drakensang Online has a global audience and entertains more than 30 million registered players.

Website: http://www.drakensang.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrakensangOnline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drakensang
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drakensangonline

About Bigpoint

Bigpoint is a leading global online game developer and publisher. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Bigpoint designs high-quality games for all gamer segments for browser, client and mobile. They are published on bigpoint.com, as well as by more than 2,000 international distribution partners and media companies.

Employees from 35 countries use state-of-the-art technology to transform the industry with innovative gaming concepts, while setting international standards to fulfill the expectations of more than 350 million gamers in over 200 countries.

Every one of the 30+ online games in Bigpoint´s portfolio is free-to-play and includes a customized micropayment system for each game to allow users to make micropayments to speed up their game progression.

Many of the titles have won various international prizes and audience awards, such as the German Developer Award 2014 and the Game Connection Award 2015 for Shards of War.

In addition to its headquarters in Hamburg, Bigpoint holds a development hub in Berlin, a mobile game studio in Lyon and maintains presences throughout Europe, the USA and Asia for distribution purposes.

For more information and press material, please visit the press area at www.bigpoint.net.

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