A Lull in the Sea and My Little Monster Premium Editions Now Available in North America

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NIS America has released a double dose of anime for their fans today in the form of A Lull in the Sea: Complete Collection and My Little Monster. Both series’ premium editions are now available for purchase through NIS America’s online store and various online retailers. A Lull in the Sea‘s premium edition contains all twenty six episodes of the anime series, in both English and Japanese, contained on three Blu-ray discs, a two disc original soundtrack, and a 76 page hardcover art book all contained in a premium hardcover slipcase for $143.99.


As for My Little Monster, the premium edition of this series contains the entire first season on two Blu-ray and two DVD discs and a 64 page hardcover art book contained in a premium hardcover slipcase for $55.99.

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